Nepal Telecom ADSL Router Configuration

NTC adsl router settingNepal telecom adsl broadband internet is almost available in all districts of Nepal. It is widely used internet service in Nepal. Use of ntc adsl internet through router is increasing day by day. Configuration of adsl router is not an easy task. It’s a tricky one and here is the way to configure adsl router :
1.First of all, finish all connections that are required and look for signal in router.
2. Now open any web browser e.g google chrome and enter address
3. Administration log in pops out. The default username-password for most routers is admin-admin.
4. Now, what we do depend on the type of router. There are different routers available in market like digicom, tenda, cnet, tplink and others. Whatever be the router, the data we are filling is same in all routers. We have to find fields and fill the value. Search for following fields and fill them with the value provided.
VPI – 8
VCI – 81
Connection type/ ISP = PPPoE
Username and passwords as given by Nepal telecom
PPPoE service name = ntc
Authentication = AUTO
Encapsulation = LLC

If it is difficult to find out the above fields, do not worry, Nepal telecom has provided some screenshots of router configuration in its website.
Tplink –
Digicom –
Dlink –
Cnet –

17 thoughts on “Nepal Telecom ADSL Router Configuration

  1. i can’t connect my phone to wifi,,,should i reset the router or just it can be fix through settings option???

  2. Hello Sir,

    Will you please guide me about the configuration of TRENDnet Router.

    What are the Configurations for TRENDnet Router to use NTC- ADSL internet. It provides many and different options then other router , among them what are the proper options that i have to select to run Internet.

    I am waiting for your response….

  3. I have an exxtra tplick wireless N ADSL2+ Modem Router. I want make use of it as an access point. Would you mind how to configure the router?

    Thanks in Advance

  4. Totolink ko router reset bhayo…easy setup ma gayera setup gareko… net connection bhayena, “DNS server not responding ” message aayo . what to do ?

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