Ncell Paisa Double Scheme

Ncell double Money| Double account balance
‘Ncell double money’ is new offer recently brought by Ncell. Steps to activate the offer.
1. Dial 1212 and listen to the inqury.
2. The information about how much money can be doubled is provided. The amount of money that can be doubled varies among users. A fixed amount that can doubled is assigned to a particular user. Amount varies from Rs 20 to Rs 2000 among users.
3. Press 1 to activate.
4. The amount is doubled. The doubled amount is like a bonus amount. The validity of this amount is 7 days. This amount can be used to call and send message inside ncell network and also for surfing internet.

Once this offer is taken, this is activated automatically every 7th day. To deactivate this service at anytime, type R and send it to 1212.

Update: This scheme has been closed.

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