Google Adsense approval – Possible with Any Domain

google adsense approvalIt is not so easy to get approved from google adsense. Moreover, it is tough to have an adsense account from countries like Nepal, India, pakistan etc. But, it is not impossible . Currently, i got my blog approved for google adsense after 6 successive failure. The way to get approved for any domain is written in adsense policy clearly. But there are something that need more concentration and emphasis. Here are some

1. Good webhosting and nice domain name

All 6 times i applied from free webhosting site got disapproved. As site was hosted in free hosting , site speed was slow. But after switching wordpress blog to paid webhost, i got approved in first attempt with blog . It is always better to have domain name that fits to the subject matter. If blog is hosted by blogger, get top level domain like .com to increase chances of approval. For blogger from nepal, read this selection of webhost in nepal

2.Detail on blog that tells who you are

It is next thing that google is considering as an important thing. Have a nice details about you on sidebar of your blog. Apply with same name for adsense. This certainly increases google adsense approval chance. Also provide links to your social media profiles like facebook, twitter, google plus. To make wordpress about widget, have a look at this post .

3. Quality content

It is the thing that google adsense does not compromise with. All your posts should be content rich and valuable to users. Avoid pronographic thing, warez and copyright content in the blog. Writing content that are unique, elaborative and illustrative is the best way to get fast adsense approval.


A professional looking theme, privacy policy and sitemap, using webmaster tools and google analytics for site also play important role in adsense approval. For a site or blog from south asian countries, blog has to be at least 6 month old.

21 thoughts on “Google Adsense approval – Possible with Any Domain

  1. Nice content bro. But you would be amazed that my blog got approved by adsense in a single time and I have not used any custom domains also..

  2. Hey Navin..I didn’t get my PIN no. due to wrong billing address..
    Can you give me the information of address you are using currently
    to receive payments?????

    1. Billing address should be like this House Number (if in municipality), Ward Number, VDC/Municipality, District, Zone Nepal. Pin number is generally not received in country like Nepal where postal service is poor. You can verify you address with bank statement if you fail to receive pin no after 3 requests.

  3. Hello Navin,
    Glad to hear that you got approved in adsense. I have been trying for adsense for some months but everytime they disapprove.My blog has followed all the tips given by you. Can you once check my site n tell what may b reason

  4. Yaa, its really tough to get your google adsense approved in Nepal. I recently created a blog and was unknown about such requisites before applying for google adsense. I kept applying and google kept rejecting my application. Your post helped me know where i was wrong and what i need to do next.Thanks for that.
    Just one question, you said u were rejected 6 times and finally got approved, did you use the same email address(google account) everytime and finally got approved for the same email address??
    Somewhere i read that once you get disapproved by google, your chances of getting approved for that google account will become minimum.
    Can you help me out with this?
    I’d be grateful for your reply. Thanks!!

    1. Yes, I got approved with same email address. Can you provide me your website address so that i can look what is wrong.

  5. Hello brother, I just applied for adsense google is verifying my account. I gave KTM post office postal code. Now, where should I go to recieve that code? What if I don’t have my own postal code?

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