Read and write in nepali language using android mobile phone

I have written about way to write in nepali using java mobile phone. Today , let’s know how to read and type in nepali using android mobile phones. This is elaborated in two main heading viz installation of nepali font and installation of nepali keyboard in android phones. Without installation of nepali font, there is no use of nepali keyboard.

1. Installation of nepali/ devanagari font in android phone

Most of android phones available these days support devanagari font. So is the case with my karbonn android a7 phone. It has preinstalled devanagari font. In such type of phones there is no necessary to install nepali fonts. But if the phone does not support nepali font, install nepali font in it by following steps listed below: write in nepali in android phone
1. Rooting of android phone. It is a risky thing that can do harm to mobile. Perform it at your own risk. To know more about rooting, search for rooting android phones in google.
2. Download root explorer for android mobile from google play.
3. Download this font and move it to
device’s /system/font/ directory. (It will
replace the fonts from that directory so be
4. Reboot the android phone

2. Installation of nepali keyboard in android phone

After, installation of nepali font in android device, download and install multiling keyboard from google play or any other online sources( file hosting sites). Multiling keyword support many languages. To activate different languages,plugins are required. Activate nepali language following steps listed below.
1.Enable multiling keyboard by selecting it in language and keyboard setting.
2. Now change input method to multiling keyboard.
3. Now download plugin for nepali language from . Install this plugin.
4. Only select nepali language in multiling keyboard setting and unmark all other languages.
5. Now while writing, nepali keyboard pops out.

Writing in nepali from android phone is also possible by using this nepali unicode converter for android phones

32 thoughts on “Read and write in nepali language using android mobile phone

  1. Its easy to type in Nepali. Many websites allow the unicode feature like does. It is best and many people use this to type in nepali.

  2. I tried Nepali PaniniKeypad IME from Google play store. This is really easier than other keyboards in market. lots of good features, like predictive texting, dictionary support, well design for thumb(if you observe) etc.
    Really Excellent! must deserve more than 5*****.
    Due to an IME you can use any where in phone for typing in Nepali, like sms, message, chat, facebook, twitter, save contact book etc.

    1. After download install automatically.
    2. Go to Settings-> Language & input-> select PaniniKeypad IME.
    3. Again Go to Settings-> Language & input-> select your default keyboard as PaniniKeypad IME.
    4. Back to text compose area, keyboard will appear on screen.
    5. Enjoy Faster Nepali typing on Phones & tablets.

    Free Download:

  3. This is an interesting method of rooting our phones, installing a keyboard and then writing in Nepali. A simpler method would be to install apps to be able to write in Nepali in Android. I have come across apps such as Type Nepali and Panini Keyboard, which allows us to use Unicode instead of a font to type.

  4. nepali ma type garna ta sajilo xa bt read garna milne kunai upaya?

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