Why so much difference in data provided by Google analytics, webmaster tools and Alexa

Webmasters around the world moniter their sites health and traffic at regular interval through different web services. Among these web services google analytics, webmasters tools and alexa are widely used. Data provided by these services varies for my blog. Being a human,there is always curiosity to find out the reasons for these differences. Based on differences, I made out some interpretation to find out reasons. First, let’s look at data of this blog provided by alexa, webmaster tools and google analytics in October :

Google Analytics

Visits: 3479/month around 116/day
Pageviews: 11,826/months around 390/day
Page/visits: 3.4
Bounce rate: 11.bage duration/visits: 2 min
Search traffic: 67.6%


Rank: 595,453
Pageview/visit: 7
Average duration: 11 min
Bounce rate: 23%
Search percent: 12%
Links: 75


Clicks/day: 450 (average)
Links: 103

Pageview and clicks

Average pageviews as per analytics is 390/day. It contains pageviews from all traffic sources i.e organic, direct and refferal. So it has to be higher than clicks shown by webmaster tool coz clicks are pageviews from search impressions. But that’s not the case for my blog. Clicks shown by webmaster tools are higher than pageviews by webmaster tools. The only relevant cause I found is that the different theme for mobile sites that donot contain google analytics code. Half of my blog content are related to mobile phones and some of them have quite good position in search results. So everytime the click is made in google search results for my blog from mobile, it is counted by webmaster tools but not by analytics as analytics code is not present in mobile theme.

Pageviews/visit, bounce rate and average duration

4 Pageviews/visit is shown by google analytics and 7 by alexa. Likewise, average duration per visit is 4 min as per analytics and 11 min by alexa. The reason may be that analytics gathers data from almost all user and so the average may be low. On the other hand alexa data mainly rely on users with installed alexa toolbar and these users are generally webmaster who are enthusiatic, curious persons and explore many pages of sites, obviously pageviews per visit would be high. The same applies for average duration.

Links and search percent

Links back to my blog as shown by alexa is 73 while by webmasters tool is 103. Alexa counts links from subdomain site like blogspot as different links but google webmaster tooks counts them as single link. Even then, links shown by alexa is less than shown by webmaster tools. The probable reason for this may be links back from wapsite which are noticed by google but not by alexa.
All interpretations made above may not be cent percent true and do correct me if I am wrong.

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