Easy way to transfer wordpress blog to new webhost server

Recently, I switched from free webhosting to paid one. I thought it would be a tough task to transfer wordpress blog, but to my surprise, I did it in just 10 minutes.

Backup the WordPress blog

 easy way to transfer wordpress blog to new webhostStuffs that need to be backed up are post, pages, menu, custom links, comments, all images and media, themes etc. These can be backed up as follows.
1. First export your wordpress blog as xml file. The export option is available under tools present in dashboard. Export all posts, pages, menus, customs links and comments as xml. Download xml file to local drive.
2. Now to backup all images and media files, use any ftp client, login and go to public_html>wordpress-content. Download folder uploads to local drive.
3. Regarding plugins and theme, if these are free, don’t backup. IF these are premium and you don’t have back up files, download plugin or theme folder by going to publichtml>wordpress-content>plugins or themes.

Transfer backup to new webhost

1. Install wordpress in new webhost.
2. Install plugin wordpress importer. Now, import the previously backed up xml file .To import xml file, select tools> import>wordpress blog.
3.Using ftp client, upload the previously downloaded folders uploads, theme and plugin to the place where it was downloaded from like theme folder to public_html>wordpress-content>themes and plugins to public_html>wordpress-content>plugin and upload folder to publichtml>wordpress-content.

Using this simple process, wordpress blog can be migrated to a new webhost in few minutes. Even if blog is transferred and nameservers are changed, keep the blog at old host for about 48 hours because DNS propagation may last up to 48 hours. After 48 hours, delete the blog at old webhost.

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