Send jar files from Nokia Series 40 phones

Send jar files from nokia series 40 phonesSending midelt jar files is possible through Nokia Symbian phones but it is almost impossible through Nokia Series 40 phones. So it has always been a problem for sharing Midlet jar files with others. Today I am going to share a way to share jar files between two Nokia Series 40 phones.

1. Download jar file to Nokia Series 40 phone

Download jar file using ucweb browser. Select save instead of open while downloading. Then the jar file is saved as _ jar in the local drive of phone. Now open the folder where it is downloaded and copy it to any other folder for backup and future use. Then rename _jar to .jar and the midlet jar file is installed.

2. Send jar file to another nokia series 40 phone

It can be performed in two ways listed below:

A. Copying installed jar file to another phone

First, be sure that the installed jar file is present in memory card. Then eject the memory card and insert in another phone. Now, copy the installed jar file from memory card to any folder present in gallery or application of phone.

Sending _jar file through bluetooth

Send the backed up _jar file through bluetooth to another phone. In another phone, the file is saved as _jar.EXT . Rename the file to _jar using Mobyexplorer. Then rename the _jar to .jar from the phone. The jar file is installed in phone.

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