Way to use ncell gprs and 3G internet at cheap rate in mobile phones.

Way to use ncell internet at cheap rate in mobile phones
Ncell provides the fastest internet in Nepal. It provides 3G services in major cities of Nepal . However, its data plan is still expensive. Cost of 1 Mb data is around Rs 8. Ncell connect provides internet for PC and laptops. To use Ncell Internet in PC and laptops, Ncell connect data card (costs around Rs 3500) and ncell connect sim are required. Cost of 500 MB is around Rs 400 without validity time. There are other packages also. The data plan for pc internet purpose is still expensive.
Above, I talked about ncell data plan for mobile and ncell connect. Now the way to use ncell gprs/3G in cheap rate is to use ncell connect sim in mobile phone.Buy ncell connect sim only. It costs around Rs 100 with Rs 50 balance. Now insert this sim in the phone and purchase any package. The 500 MB data costs Rs 400 only and there is no time limit to use that data. Now, for 1 MB cost is around 80 paisa but for same data using normal mobile sim, it costs around Rs 8. The only drawback of this ncell connect sim is that it cannot be used for calling and receiving phone calls. However, messages can be sent using this sim. This tip can be useful to 3G users, as they require large volume of data, and to internet addicts.
Note: The above method can be used in any 2G and 3G phones that support packet data.

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  1. Hey Navin Bro! Does it work in my Samsung GTS3310. It doesn’t have any 2G or 3G networks! Please give a reply!!!

  2. still n cell and ntc cheating with publick if ncell want give unlimited 3g data plann can be give but they do not want give other country like gulf they giving unlimit data plann like nrp 800 eight hundred only they can give but why can not give ncell if n cell will give unlimit data plann si many nepali will be using 3g net thank you

  3. and 1 thing ,can u tell me how to download apps from google play, jaile pani installed matra van6a.
    m doing by my gmail ID

      1. m trying frm my pc. and its never starts downloading.But m using in the office PC,Is that problem by the Office IT?

        1. downloading android app from pc is not possible through google play. to download apk files from pc open 4shared.com and search for apk, there are lots of app, download to pc and transfer to mobile.

          1. It is possible to download from PC. If both the phone and laptop are connected to the internet and signed in to the same Google account, then downloading from the PC will install the app on your phone. I think the problem is that the office IT has restricted downloading.

      1. but there is mini USB converter.like using the USB in tablet.I think so but not tried yet.And i wish to getting it but i could not find mini USB converter in the market.

        try it,

  4. And i saw using USB in samsung android phone.Is there any possibilities about our karbonn phones

    If it than it can be the great thing for android users,

  5. Nabin ji ! Nepal ma nokia pcsuit bata internet chalauna sakinchha?jankari pauna paye aabhari hune thiye.Dhantabaad !

  6. I have 5GB Internet plan. But I don’t know that
    How can check ncell internet data usage on laptop?
    Give me idea..

  7. heloo i want some information .now i am using samsung galaxy y young and ncell normal sim but i want 3g service ,how can i make it?

    1. Go to setting > wireless and network > mobile network > network mode and select WCDMA. Be sure ncell is providing 3g service in your area otherwise it will not work.

  8. hello.dear.give me idea for mobile internet calling video or voice calling..and what will be cost for data if use for one month..and
    from my house to ncell tower 3 km fare so i can use or…please reply me… thank you.

    1. You can use skype for video and voice calling. Cost depends on how much you use it. To decrease your cost, you can subscribe to any of internet packages by Ncell. As you said, Ncell tower is 3km far from your area, the speed of internet may be slow. Video and voice calling may not work at slow speed.

  9. data sim ra normal sim ma internet package ko vatid time same ho ki diffrent ho , i dont understand plz tell me details

    1. it is different. Validity of internet package in normal sim is one months while there is no validity time of package in data sim .

  10. hy how can we know abt the diffrent internet packages of ncell connect sim
    plz bro reply soon
    we cn listen through dailin some nnumber or through message???

    1. 500MB data package at
      Rs.399 , 1000 MB data package at Rs.699 and
      5000MB data package at Rs.1999 . Dial 9005 and call to costumer care for more info.

  11. Hello Nabin jee,
    I am using lg p 350.anroid mobile i want to listen fm and shortwave and am radio without internet like in simple radio receiver ,is it possible ?
    i m very grategul to you if you answered.
    Thank you

    1. I can’t tell it is possible or not at the moment. It depends on the presence of radio receiver(hardware) in phone or not. Specification of lg p350 tells there is pre-installed fm radio. If it is not present in your phone, probably there is not radio receiver.

  12. nabinji
    10 gb ko data ligeko 6u validity time sakina lagyo tar 7 gb
    ajai baki 6 kasari time badaune ho plz reply me .

    1. Again buy 10 MB, it costs around Rs 35 this may increase one month duration . This may work but not sure.

    1. I don’t think data sim is closed, i think local authority donot have it, get it from ncell office.

  13. I couldn’t connect to the internet so if you could provide me the gprs setting for Iphone 5 then It would have been much better.thanks 🙂

  14. Nabin sir…mobile bat video call ( skype) garda 500 mb ko kati ganta samma kura hunna sakka ..notstop video call garda..

  15. 5 GB data plan its for mobile data plan or any others computers? And how long validity of this 5000 MB data.pls let me know..

    1. There are separate data packages for prepaid sim( mobile) and data sim (ncell connect) . Whatever u buy ( 500 mb, 1 gb, 5gb) either from prepaid sim or data sim, the rates are almost same but validity time is one month for prepaid sim and no any time limit for data sim.

    1. internet will work in ncell prepaid sim, activate gprs in sim and get gprs setting for the phone.

  16. Nabin sir..mero gar chai ghau ma baykole ncelko line pani kehi saal bayo aayko.ncel ko network bayko thau ma mobile bat Skype chalauna sakin6 ta? Ani ke garda chai skype ko laagi gaau bat sasto ma chalauna sakinx? Yasko bare ma kehi bataidinu hune haardik anurod gardaxu..yastai aru jankari ko laagi hajurko mobile no. Pauna sakinx hola ?

    1. It depends on whether ncell is providing 3g or EDGE Or Only GPRS in that area. Skype requires high speed internet(3g). In village area there maynot be 3g service. so with gprs service, it is almost impossible to use skype, it may run with EDGE. You can add me on facebook and get my number from there. my facebook id is facebook.com/neonav17

  17. I think u r one of the ncell agent cheating nepali people….even data package on data ncell sim has only 1 month validity….i have asked at ncell shop of dharan, if u dnt believ me jst call over there…and if u think u r an authorise person of ncell, plz provide ur name and contact number..

    1. I don’t think so. He is giving us great solution and u nicknamed him ncell agent? Bad habit fren.
      I am the regular user of ncell data connect and it has no validity period for any data scheme.. Try to be clear yourself 1st. Ncell data connect sim and normal prepaid sim is totally different.

  18. Navin ji! I had been using ncell data connect in my Karbonn cosmic tab 10 but I factory reset it so the settings are all gone. But I tried many times but could not. What is the manual setting for karbonn. It doesn’t have message or calling option in this tab so facing problem. Hope you will help me as soon as possible.

  19. can we make voice & video call in Yahoo,skype,viber,Tango through ncell/ntc GPRS ? In my area i am using ncell GPRS so now i want to use ncell/ntc 3G data card on my laptop,please give me right information.I hope that you will solve my problem.

  20. hi bro.cane i use aney modiem for ncell net sim?for my laptop.i have a stc modiam i bring from saudi aarab can i use this for ncell net sim?

  21. i have galaxy s duos gt s7562 but not showing 3g network like other. and unable to connect wth pc. i dont want use kies plz help me by another way. i tried samsung usb driver but unable to safely remove or virus scan in pc.

  22. sir..i want to unlock my ncell connect to use ntc gprs..its IMEI no is 356052048106604 can u plz help me to generate unlock code for it..

  23. Many other countries are giving best service to their user but nepal os not giving that even ncell is handelled by british person every rate in sim are expensive..ncell means nepal cell so all nepali must get better facilities so I will request to ncell to make beter and cheap service so every one can use it…..

  24. nabin sir,,
    3G nabayeko thauma video chat (wechat ,skype) hunx ki hudaina??ma ahile nepal bahir bayeko hunale mero gauma 3G cha ki chaina thaha bayen.

  25. helo sir ncell ko sim used garxu tara mero mobile ma video cal ta xaina sano young glaxy samsug hotesma video call ta xaina tara ani skypee ma call garda paisa katx k skypee ko callmb kasari linu parx r k garnu parx jankaridinu please haptako din ko skypee ma voicecall packed kasarI line ho help me

  26. Navin sir malai ek dinko lagi unlimited internet pack chahiyo live cricket tv hernu chha plz chhittai answer pathaunu tra speed na ghatne pack ko jankari chahiyo

  27. hi mr.navin adhikari …im from btm jhapa….. my phones android but 3G service is not working will you help me what can i use 3G service in my phone….. and how to incress my internet speed ♡♡♡

  28. Navin ji, I am using postpaid sim of NT in my iphone. Is there any cheaper data package plan. I think, current rate is Rs 1/mb. But it equivalent to the rate of dailly pack of ncell. Isn’t this rate still expensive for smart phone users ?

    1. Yes, it is expensive… Ntc once used to provide unlimited GPRS for postpaid Sim, but not for 3g service…

  29. Hello Mr.Adhikari……m new t Nepal so I don’t have any idea about the services here….plz kindly let me know that is this ncell normal sim and the ncell connect sim are different sim??and if it so…can I use that both sim together in one cell phone which is dual sim facilitate…hope to get a response….

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