Write in Nepali/Hindi in mobile phones using jar application

panini nepali keypadMany phones are available in market that read nepali/hindi font but writing in these languages is not possible in these phones. I looked for a way to write in nepali/hindi and found an application. The application is panini. This is made for the hindi language. As hindi and nepali use same devnagari script, it can be used to write text in nepali language as well. Application is attached below.Download and open the application and write text in nepali/hindi. Then, save the text. Open the saved text present in draft, mark all the text ,copy it and paste it wherever you want like in message, facebook status update etc. To write text in nepali/hindi online, use Devnagari unicode converter .
Note: Above methods do not work in phones that cannot read devnagari font. In these phone nepali/hindi webpages can be read using this method Read nepali webpages using operamini

Download application to write text in nepali/hindi language in mobile phone

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