Dish Home Nepal- Installation, Packages and Review


Go to the nearby dish home reseller. Get an antenna. It costs around Rs 3000.

Ask the dealer to activate dish home account and any package. This package will be available for next 24 hours.

After that, you have to pay for the package. Then back home give a try to install the antenna

Look for a video on how to install a dish home antenna on youtube.

The most difficult part is to find the signal and fix the antenna in that position.

If you feel it is a troublesome task, hire a person to install it (charge around Rs 500).


There different packages basic, medium, medium plus, deluxe, deluxe plus, super HD,

super HD plus, lifestyle HD. The price of all these packages with channels is shown below:



1. All channels are clear.

2. It has around 35 HD channels.

3. Supports online payment, decent customer care service.

4. Supports multiple connections through antennas with extra charge Rs100/month for each.

5. Has its own application for mobile phones that makes signal refreshing easier.


1. Disturbance in the signal during rain.

2. Too costly to watch all HD channels ( lifestyle HD costs around Rs 900)

3. Cannot choose a single channel. While changing package 3-month prepayment may be asked.

4. After recharging the account, signal refreshing is poor, you may have to frequently call customer care center for that.

2 thoughts on “Dish Home Nepal- Installation, Packages and Review

  1. Good morning,
    i want dishhome in my house but first i want ti know about it price and feature.
    How much its intalation charge?
    how much its monthly charge in MD+ Package?
    and is there any benifit in recharge while we recharge for whole year?

  2. Thanks, i like the way you have mentioned steps by steps process to install dish home to our home. But now so many methods to install dish home has been updated by dish home services providers. Your article is good one and i do hope you will give a latest updated information. Thank You!!

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