Minimize packet data usage in Android phone

ntc data minimize

These days, I am getting lots of comments regarding  data usage in  android phones like is ntc charging a lot in android ? why all of my balance get null in few minutes after opening packet data?… So here is the post regarding that. This could be helpful if you are using internet  from ntc or ncell. In case  you are using unlimited wifi internet, it is not necessary to follow below mentioned instruction.

Where is the problem actually ?
Android allows  applications to use background data by default. So, whenever packet data is opened , apps can use it for synchronisation, updates… Most of us are unaware of this data usage and internet providers ( ntc
and ncell) charge for that.
How to get rid of it ??
It is very simple , just restrict the background data.
1. Select the menu.
2. Select setting.

ntc data minimize
3. Select data usage option.

data usage
4. Tick on mobile data limit.

mobile data limit
5. Press button left to home button, list of menu appears, just select restrict background data option.

ntc ncell data minimization
Any drawback of restricting background data ?
Yes, play store can’t be run without  background data. Also, while chating whenever you minimize app, you get disconnected and become offline. To get rid of such problems, just follow the above method and select only those apps you want to restrict  background data and
spare other.

How to remove background data restriction ?
Pull down the status bar and select ‘remove background data restriction’ option.

undo data restriction


Video for’ Minimize packet data usage in Android phones’

[youtube video=H8bTTaj0Thk]

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