Top 5 Nepali applications for Android phones

It is second post related to android phones after ntc and ncell gprs setting for android phones . There are many android applications targeted to android users present in nepal. Among these apk files, I have selected 5 applications that are really useful.

1. Nepal loadshedding schedule

There is around 14 hrs of loadshedding per day in Nepal. It is necessary to know the time of loadshedding so that you can at least charge your android phone. Some features of this application are:
1.Easy Update of New Loadshedding Schedule
2.View Saved Schedule
3.Searching Group By Location Name is also supported.
4.Gives notification of the loadshedding time.

2. Nepali patro/calendar

It is useful application. It shows date in bikram sambat.
Nepali calendar, date and time are supported.Date conversion is also possible.

3. English Nepali dictionary

Top five nepali android apps
This application contains 20000 words from English to Nepali (romanised).It can be used as travel dictionary to translate English to Nepali, displaying a list of words in romanised Nepali. The dictionary also
translates phonetic Nepali to English. This English to Nepali dictionary does not provide definitions or examples. It also contains learning games that helps to build vocabulary. It is an ideal android application for travelers, business man and students.

4. News of Nepal

Get updated to news from nepal using this application. It is a simple application which provides all the news from Ekantipur, Himalayan
Times, Nepal News etc.
Now, even reading BBC Nepali in Nepali fonts in any kind of mobile without having to root the device or using any specific browser is also possible.

5.Radio Nepali

Radio nepali supports more than 80 Nepali Radio Stations right on your Android device. It maynot work on tablets.All radio stations do not broadcast for 24 hours, so those stations will not work when they are not on air. Installation of Vitamio component is required
to listen to Hits FM, Maitri FM etc.

To download and install these android apps, visit google play store. All apps above are available for free there.

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  1. Hello Navin,

    Thank you for compiling the list.

    There have been better news application added in the market recently. You can download it from here..

    This application free as well as has excellent collection of news. The reading panel is clean and extremely fast.

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