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Typing or writing in Nepali unicode has never been easy for general population. As nepali language uses devanagari script, typing these font from keyboard is not so simple. The same applies to other languages like hindi, marathi, newari, bhojpuri that use the devanagari script. I have just installed online Nepali unicode on my server. Now, using this simple nepali unicode converter tool, Nepali written/typed in roman can be easily converted to nepali in devnagari fonts on one click. This tool can also be used to write any other languages like hindi, marathi that use devnagari script.

Nepali unicode converter with mobile layout

Most of nepali unicode converter available online do not support low end mobile devices. But, this tools also works with the mobile browsers so anything can be written in Nepali using operamini browser(Note: The phone should support devnagari font, otherwise it won’t work with mobile browser). The layout of this unicode converter fits to mobile devices. The converted nepali text can be easily copied and pasted wherever required. Using this online tools, one can easily write their facebook updates and twitter tweets in Nepali from mobile phones also. For offline version of nepali unicode converter , panini can be used in mobile devices.
Online Nepali Unicode Converter for mobile devices .

Nepali unicode converter with desktop layout

Online Nepali Converter | Write in Nepali | Type in Nepali
This unicode converter is the same as the above, with different layout so that it fits to desktop screen. Checking click box is recommended for instant conversion of letters. This nepali unicode conveter has predefined roman letters for all devanagari letters like a=अ aa=आ/A i=इ
ii/ee/I=ई u=उ uu/oo/U=ऊ
RRi/R^i=ऋ e=ए ai=ऐ k=क kh=ख g=ग
gh=घ ~N=ङ ch=च
chh=छ j=ज jh=झ
~n=ञ T=ट Th=ठ
D=ड Dh=ढ N=ण …
Nepali Unicode Converter Desktop layout

Nepali unicode converter with Transliteration Api

This nepali unicode converter uses google Transliteration api. This tool is easy to use. Every time the word is written and spacebar is pressed, it is converted to nepali with suggestion of word. To switch between two languages, English and Nepali, Ctrl + G had to be pressed. For example to type म युनिकोड कन्भर्टरबाट नेपालीमा लेख्दै छु । write Ma unicode converterbata nepalima lekhdai chu . This tool can be used to write blog posts, emails, facebook status and twitter tweets in Nepali
. Nepali Unicode Converter | Write in Nepali | Type in Nepali Online(Uses Google Transliteration API)

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