Create java bookmark (jar application) of mobile site.

Online java bookmark makerJava bookmark is jar application for mobile phones that links to the site. Many wapmaster are using java bookmarks to promote their wapsites.

Make java bookmark editing any bookmarking jar file

Here is the bookmark of my site in zip format. Download it and extract it using Mini Commander . Now open mobyexplorer and edit the file MANIFEST.MF . Replace the OPEN_URL : value with your site url and also change the midlet name and vendor as well. Replace the icon.png logo with your own icon.png file. Now, compress them in jar format using Blueftp . The compressed file will be saved as file_jar. Later rename it to file.jar from your phone. Now, the java bookmark is ready.

Online java bookmark Creator

I found java bookmark creator in php today. This php script didn’t work when I first installed it on the server. Later, I corrected it and now it works. You can use it to Create java bookmark online. If you need this php script, mail to me.

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  1. You can extract jar and modify MANIFEST.MF or edit direct in jar file, then rename _jar only use Minicommander. But some Nokia phone block rename to jar file.

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