Newer versions of ucweb browser supports offline download

Offline download using ucwebUcweb browser is internet browser for surfing internet in mobile phones. It is the second most used mobile browser after opera mini. It has a very potent download manager system. Download manager supports pausing, resuming, saving of files. Now, ucweb browser supports offline downloading of files.
Offline download refers to saving files online to Ucdisk. To use this service follow the steps listed below:
1.First download ucweb browser from official site Ucweb browser contains application gallery on navigation bar. Select ucdisk present in application gallery. Create a new account or sign in with facebook or google account.
2.Now while downloading any file, select offline download option. The file can be either permanently saved to ucdisk or temporarily in temp-file folder.

Some advantages of offline download in Ucweb browser:
1.No any data cost and faster download to the ucdisk account. Ucdisk provides free space of 70 MB.
2.Download larger file temporarily to temp folder. It remains for 7 days. The renewal is possible for 7 more days. In case space is available in ucdisk, temporary files can be saved to ucdisk.
3.Upload files to web directly from ucdisk.

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