Read nepali font webpages from mobile using operamini

Most of the phones available in the market donot support complex scripts/fonts like devnagari script, script used by nepali language. Now, following some instruction, one is able to read the nepali font webpages from mobile using operamini.First of all just write config: (without http://) in the address bar. Now change the option ‘Use bitmaps for complex script’ to ‘yes’ and save the setting. Now you are able to read nepali language in mobile phone. The only drawback is that there is no compression of data done by operamini so single page may be of large kilobytes.

14 thoughts on “Read nepali font webpages from mobile using operamini

  1. mero samsung glaxy ace 2ma kasri nepali font hernee hola btaidinusna admin g and maile config: lekhera try garda pani vayena kina hola

    1. You have to write config: only in address bar of opera mini and mark bitmap font for complex script and save it.

  2. Malai samsung gallaxy ko web or internet bata nepali read garna chhiyo. Opera bata malai taha cha. Kasari herne web bata pls email me

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