Secret codes in the opera mini

Opera Mini has some commands that you enter in the address bar like a URL but without the “http://”.
config: which opens Opera Mini’s Power User Settings page where you can tweak many browser settings like the timeout and whether the browser should make phone numbers clickable. To read Nepali font in your mobile change ‘use bitmaps font for complex script’ to ‘yes’.
server:source – Display the current page’s source code.
opera:cache – displays the size and URL of cached pages and images.
about: – shows information about the Opera Mini server.
debug: – a page listing many Opera mini server and client properties.

2 thoughts on “Secret codes in the opera mini

  1. Will samsung galaxy s supports nepali/ hindi fond or not if it’ll supports plz giv feedback im waiting for your coment.

  2. I think Samsung galaxy is android phone. So devanagari font needs to be installed on it. Then it will support nepali/hindi languages.

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