Free sms to Nepal | Websms to Ntc and Ncell

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Free websms to Nepal

In simple words, websms is sms from internet or web to any mobile number. Generally we call it as ‘free sms’. The two mobile operators in nepal namely Namaste(NTC) and ncell donot provide gateway to many free websms websites. So its hard to find websites that allows to send free sms to nepal. Even if you find such sites, their free websms service is poor and can take many hours to get delivered.Here I am sharing the sites which delivers the sms to ncell and ntc in few minutes. Using the following sites, free sms can be sent from india, uk, usa and other countries to nepal

Websites that allows free sms to Nepal(Websms to NTC and Ncell)

1. Official Website to send Web sms to Namaste i.e NTC is the offictal site to send free sms to ntc. Registration with phone number is required. 10 websms are available for free to send to Ntc. Go to the site, click here Send free sms to NTC Nepal

2. Freesmscraze nice website to send free sms to Ntc and Ncell

This is nice website and can be used to send free websms to Nepal. I have written about it in my previous entry Free sms to Ntc and Ncell

3. Free sms to Nepal, Ntc and ncell using binu sms.

It is one of my favourite way to send free sms to ntc or ncell using Binu, a java application. Websms looks like a real sms as the sms contains real phone number on its heading. To know more about it go to Free sms to ntc and ncell Nepal

There are many websites that provide free sms to Ntc and Ncell but I found above sites really reliable and shared them. The above list is not complete one and will keep on updating and adding the websites that provide free sms service to ntc and ncell.

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  1. thanks for the great tips,i am using another website which also delivers to Nepal,its .

  2. Hello,

    I have tried it is very good website to send Unlimited Free SMS to over 200 countries Including all Nepal networks.

    You can send Free SMS to any country in the World with any language you want.
    It is the best Free SMS site I ever used.

  3. you can read this article for sending sms to any countries through website

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