Way to use ncell gprs and 3G internet at cheap rate in mobile phones. 103

Way to use ncell internet at cheap rate in mobile phones
Ncell provides the fastest internet in Nepal. It provides 3G services in major cities of Nepal . However, its data plan is still expensive. Cost of 1 Mb data is around Rs 8. Ncell connect provides internet for PC and laptops. To use Ncell Internet in PC and laptops, Ncell connect data card (costs around Rs 3500) and ncell connect sim are required. Cost of 500 MB is around Rs 400 without validity time. There are other packages also. The data plan for pc internet purpose is still expensive.
Above, I talked about ncell data plan for mobile and ncell connect. Now the way to use ncell gprs/3G in cheap rate is to use ncell connect sim in mobile phone.Buy ncell connect sim only. It costs around Rs 100 with Rs 50 balance. Now insert this sim in the phone and purchase any package. The 500 MB data costs Rs 400 only and there is no time limit to use that data. Now, for 1 MB cost is around 80 paisa but for same data using normal mobile sim, it costs around Rs 8. The only drawback of this ncell connect sim is that it cannot be used for calling and receiving phone calls. However, messages can be sent using this sim. This tip can be useful to 3G users, as they require large volume of data, and to internet addicts.
Note: The above method can be used in any 2G and 3G phones that support packet data.

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