Send Free Sms Nepal through Java Application 11

Now you can send free websms from your java application binu sms to ncell ,ntc and worldwide. You can send 10 free sms per day. Download applications from this How to use the application?
1.IF you know to change the application setting, just change network access to ‘ask for the first time ‘ otherwise leave it.

2.Open the application and go to binutxt and create the new account.

3.Provide the username. After that they ask you for your phone number. Enter the phone number there. You have to confirm you phone number. For that click on the test the phone number with pin.

4.Then they will send pin to your phone number.Now enter this pin in test pin area after pin is confirmed, go to home and to send binu txt and to send sms. You get 10 credit free per day to send sms.

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