Download Nepali calendar for Windows 111

Download nepali calendarLooking for the nepali calendar for computers and laptops?? You can get it here. After downloading and installing the application, nepali calendar can be placed as a gadget in the desktop screen. Gadget contains current nepali date and time in nepali font, and also date in A.D. Clicking on widget shows the whole nepali calendar of that month.

Download Nepali Calendar for Windows

The file is present in zip format. Click this link to download nepalicalendar Download Nepali calendar for Windows

Install Nepali Calendar in Computer

After downloading above file. Install it in computer following the step below:
1. Extract the zip file using winzip or any other archive extractor. The zip file contains four file namely Sudar.ttf, arap11.ttf, sudarsha.ttf and nepali calendar.exe files in Nepcal folder.
2. Install the sudar.ttf, arap11.ttf and sudarsha.ttf in the computer. These are nepali fonts. Without installing these fonts, nepali calendar application would not work.
3. Run the nepalicalendar.exe application and install it.

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